CDD Meeting Highlights - February 8, 2023

Community News
  • Meeting Dates
    The CDD meeting was held on February 8 and extended into February 15 in order to address multiple time-sensitive issues within the District.
  • Audience Comments
    The Board heard comments regarding multiple parties from the district on their property without notice and another audience comment about the requested ongoing use and availability of the Jon boat.
  • Splash Pad Renovation
    Splash pad has received the required parts and will soon reopen for resident use after a complete renovation.
  • Paver Update - U.S. Highway 41 Wilderness Lake Blvd. intersection paver areas to be repaved soon.

    CDD Board reviewed proposals for fixing the existing paver issues, the possible county timeline for repaving and cost of upkeep over the period until repaving as well as proposals for removal of the pavers and the paving of the areas up to and immediately east of the Ranger Station and voted to repave the paver areas at the U.S. Highway 41 entrance of the community with asphalt.
  • Floating Dock Replacement
    CDD Board voted for the replacement of the floating dock, including an EZ Dock floating kayak and canoe paddle-on launch and new kayak and canoe rack. Until the renovation is completed, boats will be launched from the shore to the West of the dock, using a temporary launch mat.
  • Gym Equipment
    New gym equipment to be installed and is ready for use in the Fitness Center in March.
  • Rules & Regulations
    CDD Board approved multiple changes in the rules and regulations to improve access to amenities and provide clarity. Updated copies will be distributed digitally once finalized.
  • Tree Projects
    The Board approved proposals to trim and elevate the branches on 16 trees within The District.
  • Neighborhood App
    The Board approved to enter a contract for NABR, a community app that will allow easier distribution of calendar events, emergency alerts and District communication. Once this implementation is completed, more information will follow.

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